School Uniform

The wearing of the correct St Mary’s school uniform demonstrates a pride in personal appearance, and in our school. We ask for your support and co-operation in ensuring that your child wears the correct uniform at all times.

All uniform items are available from Lowes, Carlingford or can be ordered on-line from Lowes.

  Summer Uniform Winter Uniform
Girls’ Uniform

Uniform dress

Navy school jumper or jacket

Black leather school shoes

White fold down ankle socks

Navy blue, lemon or school plaid scrunchies, hair ribbons, clips and headbands 

Uniform tunic

Lemon peter pan collared long sleeved blouse

Navy school jumper or jacket

Navy blue tights or white fold down ankle socks

Black leather school shoes

Navy blue, lemon or school plaid scrunchies, hair ribbons, clips and headbands

Boys’ Uniform

Short-sleeved, open necked blue shirt
(cloth school badge on pocket)

Navy blue school shorts

Navy school jumper or jacket

Navy fold down school socks

Black leather school shoes

Long navy trousers

Long-sleeved blue shirt

School tie

Navy school jumper or jacket

Navy fold down school socks

Black leather school shoes

Unisex Sports Uniform*

School short-sleeved navy polo top

School navy blue sport shorts

White fold down sport socks (no anklets or sockettes)

Predominantly white sports shoes with white laces
(ie no black or coloured sport shoes)

In winter, the sports uniform may include navy tracksuit pants, a long sleeved navy skivvy (to be worn under the school short sleeved navy polo top) and a navy school jumper or jacket.

Students in Year 6 are able to purchase a special Year 6 t-shirt with the students' names printed on the back.


School Hats

At St Mary’s, there is a strict “NO HAT NO PLAY” rule. Please ensure that your child always wears their hat to school, with their name clearly marked on the inside. The hat is a unisex navy blue slouch style with a cord and toggle. The school logo is screen-printed on the front. No other hats are to be worn.

School Bags

School bags with the school’s logo in the St Mary’s colours are available at Lowes.

Pre-Loved Clothing Pool

The Pre-Loved Clothing Pool is open every Friday during the term from 8:30 – 9:30am. We sell a large range of good quality second-hand uniforms.

Some families find it difficult to get to the Pre-Loved Clothing Pool during opening hours. If this applies to you, you may place your order in writing, leaving a contact phone number at the office. Your order will then be processed.

Lost Property

There is a lost property bin located in the corridor behind the office.

Please ensure that all of your child’s property is clearly labelled (tracksuit tops as well as bottoms). The chances of the lost item finding its way home are significantly increased if there is a name attached.

Hair Policy

For boys, 0 or number 1 hair cuts, rat’s tails, mullets, steps, undercuts, lines etc, hair gel and hair colouring are not acceptable. Hair length for boys must be above their collars.  Boys should have a "normal school boy's haircut".  Girls are to wear their hair tied back in a pony tail or plait and no hair colourings or streaks are permitted.

Makeup and Nail Polish

Make up and nail polish are not to be worn. 


 Children are allowed to wear a watch.  No jewellery, only one pair of gold or silver sleepers or studs for girls.  One signet ring for girls permitted.  No other jewellery permitted.