Our Staff

Whether teaching or in the office St Mary's Primary Rydalmere staff are part of a system committed to transforming the lives of every student, every day.

St Mary's Catholic Primary Rydalmere employs highly qualified staff with a passion for seeing young people grow and succeed.

Each member of staff acts as a role model and facilitator to to improve student learning outcomes, cater for individual differences and prepare our students for life beyond primary school.

If you wish to contact our Principal or a member of staff to learn more about your child's learning journey you can phone on (02) 8844 5700 weekdays between 8:30am and 4:00pm or send us an email.

Position Staff Member
Principal Mr Richard Blissenden
Assistant Principal Miss Deborah Sheridan
Religious Education Coordinator Mrs Natalie Coghlan
KC Mrs Jana Clarkson (Tue, Wed, Thu) / Miss Monica Luu (Mon, Fri)
KL Mrs Corena Laso
1K Mrs Lucy Kruger
1M Mr Clark Mangunay
2D Mrs Nicole Dallas
2R Miss Talise Rosman
3J Mrs Maree Jordan
3L Miss Harmonie Luk
4C Mr Taylor Chandler
4CG Mrs Natalie Coghlan (Mon-Alt Wed) / Mrs Kristy Goetz (Alt Wed-Fri)
5D Mrs Amanda Day / Mrs Michelle Dennis (Fri)
5T Ms Allyse Taylor 
6K Mrs Belinda Kirkness
6L Mr Troy Loudon
Music Mrs Michelle Dennis
Sport Mrs Danielle Young
Diversity Team Mrs Erica Rheinberger
  Miss Deborah Sheridan
  Mrs Trish Waterhouse
  Mrs Dianne Woods
  Mrs Helen Lupis
  Mrs Dianne Sabat
  Mrs Louise Hampton
  Mrs Anne Flores
  Mrs Marie Spinetti
  Mrs Lia Radocchia
  Mrs Helen Boerma
Library Team Mrs Lia Radocchia
  Mrs Angela Karam
 Defence School Mentor Mrs Dianne Woods
Administration/Finance Mrs Susan Albertini 
Administration Mrs Kristine Muir
  Mrs Pauline Isaac
Maintenance Mr Mark Lo Basso