It’s official - St Mary's Primary are World Record holders!

It’s official St Mary’s Rydalmere is the World Record holders of the largest human image of a pencil. Can you believe this picture features 761 people!

St Mary’s Primary Rydalmere capped off a great year of learning with the news they are officially the World Record holders of the largest human image of a pencil!

This "amazing" achievement was inspired by Professor Stephen Happel after he challenged the school principal Richard Blissenden and staff to set about finding a World record the students could attempt to break.

“As part of their year long goal of "being the best we’ve ever been in 2019" and being great writers, the school set about breaking the World Record for the largest human image of a pencil," Mr Blissenden said.

“On August 20, assisted by the Year 7 and Year 8 students from St Patrick’s Dundas, 761 people stood in formation at Upjohn Park in Rydalmere to form an image of a pencil which had three distinct colours and a rubber on the end. Following a review of the evidence submitted the school was recently informed by Guiness that ``the largest human image of a pencil is 761 participants, achieved by St Mary’s Primary School in Rydalmere, NSW, Australia on August 20, 2019," Mr Blissenden said.

This makes them “officially amazing"!

“The attempt has shown us, we can be The Best We Have Ever Been and with hard work and determination it is possible to achieve your goals. Every student can now proudly say they are World Record Holders," Mr Blissenden said.



Behind the scenes of the making of the largest human image of a pencil